Villa Management

Are you an investor looking to make the next big investment? Or do you own a villa that is wasting away or not living up to full potential?

The fact is it takes experience and expertise to set-up, run and maintain a Villa of the highest standards. Further If you are an investor you need to be aware that conducting proper due diligence can be tricky in most cases as information can be doctored to create a false impression.

Paradise Island Leisure has been managing Villas since 2009. We manage a number of villas around the island that cater to both foreign and local tourists. The reviews our properties have received are a testament to the standards we maintain at all our properties.

With the experiences gained and relationships made through the years we can certainly make a positive difference to your new or existing investment and unlike most other companies we are not restricted to one region but manage throughout the island

Services include - Advise given on selecting the perfect location, industrial requirements, setting up of operations including furnishing and staffing, managing day to day operations, marketing the property, handling bookings and inquiries.

So if you have been looking out to invest in a Villa or So if you are struggling with your existing Villa give us a call we can do wonders!