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About us

“The real Sri Lanka”

Our mission is simple. We want you to experience Sri Lanka at your own pace. We want you to have the chance to see as much - or as little - of the island as you wish; to be as laid-back or adventurous as you want.

“Guiding paths”

We have a few itineraries planned, but think of these as more guiding paths than rigid schedules that must be stuck to. Each route has key bases where you will stay, and what you choose to do whilst there is entirely at your discretion. We have suggested activities and places to see at each base, for example, day trips to near-by places of interest. You will have with you a guide who can offer his expertise on things to do and what to see. And again we reiterate - the choice is yours. If you prefer to relax in the bungalows and do nothing more than read - you can.

“Exclusive properties”

An especially distinctive feature of the Paradise Island Leisure experience is the housing options we give our clients. We offer a collection of small, highly individual and exclusive properties that are full of original character. You will stay in these carefully selected bungalows (and the occasional hotel) that are privately owned and in spectacular locations. This not only affords a greater level of privacy and personal care, but also means you will have access to unique local knowledge. All the better for you to get intimately acquainted with the real Sri Lanka.

“Inimitable destination”

It doesn't matter if you're an independent traveller, family, group, hard-core adventure seeker or just a couple looking for a romantic escape. Sri Lanka provides an inimitable destination, waiting to be discovered and Paradise Island Leisure can help you do that, just the way you want it.

- Sanjeeva (CEO)

Luxurious holiday homes

Come and stay in Sri Lanka's most beautiful surroundings

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